The Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator

The Tenga Flip Hole has long been the no.1 selling sex toy for men in Japan and now it is finally on sale in the UK (shipping to Europe and WorldWide) for less than £80.

The Tenga Flip Hole is a state-of-the-art male masturbator that combines adjustable vacuum pressure together with the most sophisticated masturbation sleeve ever designed – the most advanced male sex toy in the world.

The Tenga Flip Hole  is actually an improvement on the real thing (you wondered why the population of Japan is shrinking?).  The Flip Hole doesn’t merely mimic a woman’s sex organ, as do other masturbation sleeves, it actually improves the texture and feel to make something even more complex and satisfying than a vagina.

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Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole

Best Tenga Flip Hole Lubricant

Tenga Flip Hole Real LotionTenga Flip Hole Real Lotion – £18.99

The best thing about the Tenga Flip Hole (£69.99) is the amazing variety it provides to masturbation.  With its complex masturbation sleeve inside and with the use of the vacuum pressure buttons, your penis will experience many unique and varied sensations.  But further variety can be provided by using different lubricants.  There are three lubricants that come with your purchase of the Flip Hole White or Black editions, and each provide for a different sensation.  Each can also be bought seperately as re-fills or for use with any other male sex toy.  The most popular Tenga lubricant is the ‘Real Lotion’.  It’s my personal favourite too, providing as it does the most realistic pussy like experience!

Tenga Flip Lite Coming to UK Soon

Tenga Flip Lite

Exciting news!  The Tenga Flip Hole, both black and white editions, have proven so popular that Tenga have released new versions!  These aren’t just improvements, but quite radical redesigns, most noticeably in the fact that they are a lot smaller (hence the name Tenga Flip Lite).

The new Tenga Flips have been designed to incorporate the portability and convenience of the disposable Tenga eggs, with the complexity and design of the Flip Holes.

The new Tenga Flip Lite editions are not available to buy directly in the UK (we will let you know as soon as they are).  You can buy them direct from Japan, however, for a very reasonable price – $61 is around £40 at current exchange rates.

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Personal review of the Tenga Flip Hole

Guy describes his feelings on video after using the Tenga Flip Hole.  Notice this guy has nothing to sell, this is a 100% genuine attempt to show the world just how incredible the sensations produced by this masturbation toy are.  You can see it on his face that he is talking from the heat, in my opinion.

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It still puzzles me why the Flip Hole isn’t more widely known amongst men yet.  I’m not taking anything away from the Fleshlight or other male sex toys, but the Tenga Flip Hole is a unique product and if I’m being honest, it is better than sex.  At least better than the sex most of us could ever get. 

After I use the Flip Hole, I’m rather like the guy in this video looks and sounds – in a slight daze of unbelievable sexual and physical contentment.  After the first time I used the Tenga, I had a big grin on my face for the rest of the day.  It’s impossible to fully get across what this toy does to you.  Sometimes, I don’t even have to think of any sexual thoughts when I’m using it.  The sensual pleasure that engulfs your cock is impossible to resist and is enough on its own to bring you to orgasm.

The best place to buy the Tenga Flip Hole in the UK is from LoveHoney for £79.99 

Tenga Flip Hole Review

My Tenga Flip Hole Review

I ordered my Tenga Flip Hole for £79.99 from LoveHoney and I would recommend that all British and European customers do the same.  You’re guaranteed to get the authentic product in fully working order (delivered within a couple of days), and in the unlikely event of need of a refund, you won’t have any problems getting your money back or a replacement quickly sent out.  LoveHoney also has a tremendous loyalty scheme which means you will get discounts on future purchases.

Now to my review.  I was genuinely blown away – and I mean blown :-P – by the Flip Hole.  The complexity and functionality contained in such a relatively cheap male sex toy is astounding and whoever the Japanese guy who invented the Flip Hole is, he certainly is a genius.  Now don’t be put off by the word ‘complexity’.  The interior of the Tenga is indeed the most sophisticated masturbation sleeve ever invented, and depending on which buttons you press, it will do remarkably pleasent things to your dick.  But the toy itself is surprisingly VERY EASY to use.  Some male sex toys have left me stumped, and to be honest, I expected to have to trial and error this one a few times. But to my happy astonishment, my very first go with the Tenga Flip Hole left me panting with pleasure (and disbelief) within seconds.  I know I came within a few minutes of lubing it up and putting it around my dick for the very first time.  This is simply on another level to the FleshLight or any other male sex toy you have ever used or read about.

Now I’m going to to break down a little more precisely why the Tenga Flip Hole lived up to the hype and more for me and is simply, in my honest opinion, the greatest sex toy for men ever :

I loved the fact that it was so easy for me to enter. I have a dick that is slightly below average length but rather thick.  Some sex toys have required the addition of huge amounts of lube and still I haven’t been able to get inside.  Others were easy to get inside but gave me no sensation at all.  I would imagine that the Tenga Flip Hole could accommodate just about any shape or sized penis on earth.  The reason lies in it’s revolutionary folding nature.  You don’t even have to slide into it like other artificial vaginas - you can basically place it over (and under) your cock and you will still feel like you are snugly inside the juiciest, tightest pussy, no matter how big or oddly shaped your dick is.

I just loved (and was amazed by) how a sex toy costing less than £80 and featuring no mechanized features or electronics, could produce such wicked and varied sensations by pressing buttons - a feat achieved through the astonishingly complex ribbed interior and clever use of vaccum pressure.  Pure genius!

Each pressure induced motion is both realistic and intense – and very different to each other.  For example the ‘blowjob’ motion is astonishingly realistic.  Simply pressing two buttons on either side of the Flip Hole is enough to create sufficient pressure for the toy to slide along your dick – and the ribbed interior (with a little lube) actually does feel like you have a wet tongue sucking away at you.  Another motion feels like a pussy gliding up and down your penis, another motion….well it’s amazing, but rather difficult to describe as it doesn’t feel like any sex act than I’ve experienced (its not supposed to – it’s supposed to be better than the real thing..and it certainly gives it a run for its money!).

Perhaps the thing I liked most about it is that it is very easy to simply fuck, and that is something I have found difficult to do with even FleshLights, let alone some of the cheaper ‘artificial vaginas’ that were supposedly built for the job.  I’ve never enjoyed using my hands in masturbation.  I’m one of those guys that needs to fuck something, even if it is just my pillow.  I’ve been disappointed with realistic pussies in the past in this regard.  I’ve tried resting them on top of my pillow hoping to fuck them but either the angle makes it physically impossible or simply uncomfortable.  I was delighted that the Tenga is very easy to fuck in this way indeed.  Typically I begin each Flip Hole session with a blowjob, this gets me hard immediately (another great thing about it is that you don’t even be hard to have your cock totally encased by it’s tight masturbation sleeve).  After a couple of minutes of a truly mind/cock blowing experience I then place the flip hole flat down on the bed and then fold it over my cock.  With just a little lube it’s like fucking a juiced up pussy really, really hard – as hard as you want, in fact. The Tenga Flip Hole is built to take it ’till you cum.

Finally, like everybody else has said about the Flip Hole, this is one male sex toy that is very easy to clean.  Just unfold it and run it under the tap for a few seconds – then leave it out to dry using its case supporter as a stand.

The Tenga Flip Hole is available to buy from LoveHoney for only £79.99

Guide to Using the Tenga Flip Hole

Despite the intricacy of its muliti-layered and ribbed silicone interior, the Tenga Flip Hole is surprisingly easy to operate. 

Take the lid with its side lock off the main body of the Flip Hole and you can then open the toy by simply unfolding it.  The lid and the ‘legs of the lock also act as a convenient stand when it comes to drying the Flip after cleaning it.

Choose which lube you want to apply to the Flip Hole and apply evenly along the length of both of its ’halves’, as well as around the front opening (and your penis, if you want).

You are now ready for some serious solo sex fun!  You can either slide directly into the front hole of the locked Tenga (with the lid on the other end) , or if this is too tight, simply leave the Flip Hole unlocked and it will simply open up a little as you slide your dick in.  You can even simply rest your tool on one half of the unfolded device and then gently close and then lock the case.

Now it’s up to you what kind of sex you want.  You can simply slide the Flip up and down your dick but the best is to make use of the vacuum pressure inside the device which is operated by pressing the buttons on either side.   There are three rows of buttons on the Flip Hole.  To operate each motion that the toy is capable of press one button together with its equivalent on the other side.  Pressing each pair of buttons creates a different motion.   Pressing the pair of buttons together at the bottom, for example, mimics the sensation of a blowjob. The middle buttons create the sensation of your cock being ridden.  Pressing the top level buttons together creates…well I don’t think this one actually mimics an actual sex act…it goes beyond!

 You can even simply fuck the Flip Hole by laying it down ( Sometimes I like to cum in it like this after I’ve had a good sucking!).  Because the Flip Hole can slightly ‘unfold’ at any unusual angle, you won’t experience the discomfort that can sometimes be felt when trying to fuck a FleshLight or artificial vagina.

Finally, the Tenga Flip Hole has been designed to be easy to clean.  Just unfold and gently run warm water over the length of the interior for 10-20 seconds.  Then, using the lock and its legs, stand up the Flip Hole in an airy space to dry.


Tenga Flip Hole Reviews

The Tenga Flip Hole has earned glowing reviews – from both thousands of happy customers and major online media reviewers.  The snippits below will give you an idea of what people have been saying about the Flip Hole and why it will be the best sex toy that you have ever bought. – The reviewer of one of the largest tech gadget sites on the internet was obviously a little embarrassed at writing a review of a male sex toy, but despite this he couldn’t avoid revealing his clear delight and amazement at the Tenga Flip Hole  : ‘I repeat – it even has a FAKE HYMEN…..Is it an amazing experience? If you’re alone and lonely and want to give Aunt Palm a rest, you know what? Yeah, it is a great time.’

Customer feedback has appeared on sex toy sites, as well as independent forums and never has the verdict on a male sex toy been so uniformly positive.  The following are a few samples :

    • The sensations that you get are out of this world and it didn’t take long before I shot my load. When I did the feeling on the end of my cock was wonderful.
    • It is, without doubt, a fantastic tool and eminently fit for purpose…If your cock could speak, it would congratulate you on your choice.
    • I bought the Flip Hole for my husband a month ago and since then it has been used every day. He loves it! He says it’s not like sex or a blowjob but a completely different experience and by far the best wank he’s ever had.
    • This is a very nice toy. I’ve been using Fleshlights for ages and have tried all the different textures, but this feels completely different.
    • The only way to explain how it feels is to say it’s like getting a really good blow job. You will be coming in minutes…Wow is all I can say. I couldn’t wait to try it, had to wait until the wife went to work.When she had gone I got it out, got my cock hard, put the cream that came with on and closed it up – and boy what a feeling, it felt so real!
    • Much the same way that the rabbit redefined the role of vibrators and dildos for women and reshaped the place of such products in mainstream society, I feel the TENGA Flip Hole represents the beginning of a scene change of similar proportions for men…The feelings are indescribable… but I’ll try my best. The Flip Hole strikes the most incredible balance between a tightness that envelopes every inch of your cock and varies as you thrust, and a softness to rival that of the real thing.
    • I have tried five different styles of the Fleshlight and while it is a good deal better than a hand, it is not nearly as good as the TENGA. The TENGA feels so much better than the Fleshlight because it’s made of silicone and more closely grips than the Fleshlight does.
    • This is the best toy I’ve ever tried times 5!!! The design is pure genius. The lotions are insanely good and the orgasms I’ve had with this thing are hard to match even with the real thing.
    • I have tried five different styles of the fleshlight, and while it is a good deal better than a hand, it is no nearly as good as the tenga. The tenga feels so much better than the fleshlight because it is made of silicone and more closely grips than the fleshlight does.


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Inside the Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole contains the most advanced and scientifically designed interior of any masturbation sleeve male sex toy in the world.  The Flip Hole creates mind blowing sexual pleasure through the use of soft complex ribs and adjustable vacuum pressure to create a variety of fucking and sucking sensations inside the masturbator.  There has never been a male sex toy like the Tenga Flip Hole before.  Take a look at the diagram below to see the details that Japanese engineers have put into giving you an orgasm like you have never experienced in your life :

Inside the Tenga Flip Hole

Inside the Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole vs Fleshlight

O.k, so you want to improve your wanking experience, you’ve had enough of using your hand, and you’ve cottened on to the fact that most guys are buying sex toys for themselves these days.  Less stress having to fight other blokes for the babe on the dancefloor and ending up taking home a skank with STDs, more fun in your own bedroom jerking off to some quality porn with a toy that makes it feel better than the real thing.

But which male sex toy should you buy?  You’ve never done this before, and you don’t want to part with hard earned cash on a piece of useless junk.  Everybody knows that the Fleshlight is the best selling male sex toy in the world, and truth be told, it rarely dissapoints.  Fleshlights are small, portable artificial pussies that allow you to have a quality wank without messing up your sheets.  Fleshlights are particularly popular for travellers, business people staying at hotels etc.  At the end of the day though, Fleshlights and other ‘pocket pussies’ are simply masturbation substitutes for the real thing (if very good ones).  They add to the experience of masturbation and make it a little cleaner, and I would recommend them to any guy who hasn’t got great sex on tap every day – but the difference between a Fleshlight and the Tenga Flip Hole is significant.

The Tenga Flip Hole takes masturbation to a whole new level, genuinely rivalling the experience of sex itself.  Unlike the Fleshlight, which you have to actively fuck, the Tenga is a more like a machine that actually fucks and sucks you.  The Flip Hole has 3 different types of motion, so for example, if you feel like a blowjob then you can press the right buttons to create the ‘sucking motion’.  Or of course, employ each of the three different sensations in a single wank. 

The Japanese are in a league of their own when it comes to high tech sex products.  You’ve probably seen some of the amazing Japanese android videos on YouTube.  Well until the Japs actually start selling sexbots, the Tenga Flip Hole is the closest thing in the world for a genuine alternative to sex for men.  The boffins behind the Flip Hole didn’t simply just seek to imitate the sexual act – they actually sought to improve upon the sensations that a man feels during real sex.  For example, the ‘sucking’ motion on the Flip Hole really does feel like you are being blown by a girl.  If you have it going on your dick whilst watching some good quality POV blowjob porn, I’d say unless you have a stunning girlfriend who sucks like a pro, then you’ll probably find the Flip Hole to be better than the real thing. 

But the other two physical sensations that the Tenga Flip Hole offers are really something else entirely.  The Japanese makers at Tenga have studied the male anatomy to exhaustion and created a masturbation sleeve whose interior is far more complex even than that of the famed FleshLights.  In combination with the fact that the Tenga Flip Hole includes manipulable vaccum pumps, and also that it sells at a price not much greater than a Fleshlight, there really is only one male sex toy that you need to buy (but buy both if you have the money and desire even more variety in your masturbation life).

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Tenga Eggs

tenga-egg-clickerIf you’re thinking about buying the Tenga Flip Hole, but feel that £79 is a big investment for you in something you haven’t tried, then why not consider buying a Tenga Egg first?  Unlike the Flip Hole, Tenga Eggs are not re-useable and are designed to be used and then thrown away (in practice, if you wear a condom you should get a few uses out of one).  Neither do Tenga Eggs have the incredible motions and effects provided by the Flip Hole’s 3 vacuum pressure buttons.  However, a Tenga Egg is only £10 and does give you some idea of the amazing feel and texture of the complex ribbed sleeve of the Flip Hole.

Click to Purchase a Tenga Egg for less than £10

The following is a review of the Tenga Egg Clicker that appeared from a LoveHoney Customer.

I bought one of these as a Christmas treat for my other half. For a single-use product, £9.99 seemed a little steep. But, heck, it was Christmas.

The packaging is sleek and discreet, very modern and forward-thinking (trust the Japanese, eh?). The outer casing is a hard white plastic, and the toy itself is very soft and super-stretchy.

There is a sachet of TENGA Egg Lotion inside, which is a good quality lube for your first use. After lubricating him and the toy, it stretches easily, and is super-simple to use. It has been used for solo and couple play, and it’s great for both.

After the first use, the material was stretched a little bit, and did not go completely back to its original shape. If you were a little too rough with it, I could see that it would break. Yet after a good clean with the LoveHoney cleaner (or even soap and water), it’s good to go again. It’s had about 12 uses so far, and has a few more left in it. We used a good water-based lube from the ID range after the Egg Lotion was used up.

It gave him the “best orgasm” he’s ever had. It’s a “very intense sensation”. He struggled to get his words out for about 30 minutes afterwards. Worth it? I think so. I can’t wait to try the others in the range.